Employers do you know your Pensions Auto-enrolment staging date?

Pensions auto-enrolment is being rolled out gradually over a number of years.  All employers have been given their own staging date (this means when auto-enrolment is launched in their organisation) – the date is linked to the organisation’s size.  The largest organisations started in October 2012.  If you employ between 50 and 249 people your staging date will be any time from 1st April 2014 up to 1st April 2015. If you employ fewer than 50 employees, your staging date will be between 1st June 2015 and 1st April 2017.  Do you know your date?  How do you find out what it is?  What steps do you need to take and when?  We can help you, contact ConciseHR today – info@concisehr.co.uk

Flexible Working – are you prepared for the changes on 30th June 2014?

The right to request flexible working will be extended to cover all employees after 26 weeks’ service, rather than just parents with children under 17 years, or 18 in the case of a disabled child, and certain carers.  Staff will be restricted to making one application a year, and employers still have the right to refuse requests on business grounds.   Employers need to be looking at their internal policies and procedure to ensure they comply with the new provisions.  This significant extension could also pose risk for employers who may face discrimination claims if one flexible working request is seen to have not been treated as fairly as another.

Employment Tribunal Changes

A couple of important changes to Employment Tribunals, feel free to contact ConciseHR to talk these through.  Effective now:


  • Claimants must now send details of their dispute to ACAS before they can initiate an employment tribunal claim.  ACAS role will be to attempt conciliation and settlement
  • Employment Tribunals can levy a financial penality of up to £5000 on employers found to have breached an employee’s employment rights.

£2000 reduction in National Insurance Contributions

Employment Allowance Changes….Did you know that from the 6th April 2014, every business and charity is entitled to a £2,000 reduction in employer national insurance contributions (NICs) bills each  year under the National Contributions Act?  Speak to ConciseHR today about this and other legislation that you need to know about… info@concisehr.co.uk